The Jack Abramoff scandal is more than a scandal; it is a cause for international shame. It is also the story of how religious zealots, terrorists and fanatics took over the United States government, undermined our foreign interests, ruined our credibility, and cost us our prestige as a trustworthy world leader, while leading more than 2000 US soldiers and Marines to their deaths along with thousands of innocent Muslims and others, in pursuit of a fantasy that they call Zion. We all assumed that their Zionist dreamland was Israel; we now know that it also obviously included the United States. The immense shame that our Congress should be experiencing as a result of its failure to protect our country and our children from these zealots is not yet apparent, since our so-called “elected representatives” in Washington, the best Congress that money could buy, is busy discarding the evidence of their role in undermining world peace, while destroying the United States internationally, and their possibly criminal culpability in the untimely deaths of American soldiers and Marines, and more than 30 thousand innocent civilians in Iraq, and hundreds of thousands more in Palestine and Lebanon, in the process. No doubt at some point, the international courts will take up these issues.

Looking back, it seems now that 1994 was a special year in US history. It is the year that Jack Abramoff is said to have begun his Congressional shopping spree, looking for US Congress people for sale. It is also the year that Benjamin Netanyahu, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith and other Zionist notables crafted the now infamous “Clean Break” strategy that led the United States into Iraq under the false pretense that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, a lie that was crafted by Judith Miller, a Zionist ideologue and possible Israeli intelligence operative who posed as a New York Times journalist, and who also played a still unknown role in the outing of Valerie Plame, the CIA officer whose husband was one of the first people to challenge the lie that Hussein had attempted to purchase chemicals needed for a nuclear weapons program in Africa. Abramoff seems to have arrived in Washington around the same time that the Oklahoma City bombing took place, which led to the first major legislative attack on Muslim Americans, and US civil liberties through the Omnibus Anti-Terrorism Act, which has now been followed by two additional bombings, and two additional bodies of anti-terrorism legislation including the so-called Patriot Act. It was the year that PBS aired the now discredited “shockumentary” Jihad in America, written and produced by Judith Miller’s Zionist colleague Steven Emerson, a so-called journalist, and the father of secret evidence in US courts, that the Nation magazine reported had close ties to Israeli military intelligence, and the Israeli Likud party. It was the year of the first media and public “backlash” against Muslims in the United States, which left in its wake a number of burned mosques, deaths, and defamation. Muslims and Islam were these Zionist terrorists’ targets, scapegoats and decoys in a Zionist war against the world, which they have lost.

As we await the results of the numerous FBI investigations of those who took Abramoff money for favors, seeking to ascertain how exactly that money was spent, we can perhaps begin to connect the dots, hoping to see the big picture that will probably never grace our television news shows or newspapers, no matter what the results of those investigations might be. Just as the AIPAC (American/Israeli Political Action Committee) spy scandal went unreported, don’t expect to hear the real, and very serious consequences of what Abramoff and his network have done to our country, our Constitution and Muslims, here and abroad. The price in loss of lives, US prestige, credibility, and pride is uncountable. While the taxpayer money is countable, we can never get it back. The good news is that God has spared us the worst of it, if you can imagine that we were in store for much worse, and much more, including perhaps military attacks on Syria and Iran that would without doubt lead us into another world war, and perhaps the Armageddon of Jewish and Christian apocalyptic teachings, that they seem to long for.

It goes without saying that Abramoff’s money was spent for Congressional favors, and media access. Such favors seem to have included making Muslims the most hated people in the United States, and Islam the most hated religion in the world. Who can forget how the so-called Christian “right” went wrong, when its leaders used the media in our country to launch an unprecedented attack to defame Muslim citizens and our religion, and to deny us our civil rights. Such attacks, if they had been launched against Jews, African Americans, Native Americans or women would have caused a country-wide uproar, yet after Emerson’s fraudulent claim that all Muslims were involved in an international plot to take over, or to destroy the US, it was open target day on Islam and Muslims, and the Christian right took every shot they could get, and the media saw to it that they got plenty of them.

Abramoff’s Congress rewarded Emerson for the role he supposedly played in fighting terrorism, here and abroad. What a farce. The Senate also launched an investigation of every Muslim organization that ever criticized Israel, or called for an end to the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine, perhaps to show its gratitude to Emerson, or as a favor to Abramoff and his Zionist gang of thousands in our government and communities, including perhaps the terrorist organization known as the Jewish Defense League (JDL), now the JDO, who routinely threatens, and attempts to kill anyone they decide is a threat to, or an enemy of Israel. These people are so well protected that they were allowed to tamper with the jury in the Lynn Stewart case, leafleting the area around the courthouse, and shouting threats through bullhorns, violating her civil rights, calling her a “terrorist sympathizer” etc. Their leader said to the press, “we will destroy her, make sure she has no where to live, to work, or to hide!” They know how their terror network works here in the US, and how effective they have been to date against Muslims and others, due to their ownership of public officials on every level of government in our country, and their operatives who hide out in our government, post offices, schools, businesses, churches, synagogues and mosques. Do you think that a federal judge wouldn’t know that such activity might have led to a frightened jury delivering a guilty verdict against Stewart for assisting her client in his efforts to prove his innocence for a crime that many believe was carried out by the Egyptian government and the Israeli Mossad. Her client’s supporters argue that he must prove his innocence, because the prosecutors couldn’t prove that he is guilty. What should have been a mistrial became a lynching, and now Stewart faces years in prison for doing the very thing that criminal defense lawyers are paid to do, and that is to defend their clients.

The successful JDL jury tampering, and the verdict against Stewart, sent a loud message to everyone in the country who might have opposed, or sought to act against the Zionist push to cement its power in the US, and the world. The message was that to oppose them could result in our being tagged terrorists, and perhaps spending may years of our lives in jail, perhaps in foreign jails where we would be tortured to death. Other examples include the so-called Virginia Paintball case, where Muslim American citizens, many former soldiers, were convicted of violating the Neutrality Act when they attempted to help the Kashmiri Muslim people in their fight for independence from India. The prison sentences doled out to these young men for sending supportive faxes, and providing other non-military assistance to Kashmir, ranged from 20 years to life in prison, even though not one of them ever killed anyone, or even fired a weapon. People have received lesser sentences in the United States for killing their children, than these men who killed no one. It will be interesting to see if Abramoff and his Congressional crew of Jewish and Christian zealots will escape similar charges, convictions, and sentences due to their possible violation of the same Act. Writer Michael Isikoff authored an article that appeared on the MSNBC website, detailing the amount of funds spent, and military equipment shipped to Israeli settlers through an Abramoff charity called, The Capital Athletic Foundation. These funds and military equipment were used to fund sniper schools, and to provide weapons to Israeli settlers to use against Palestinians, provoking retaliatory attacks by the Palestinians and suicide bombings. They caused an escalation in hostilities at a time when the US was seeking a diplomatic solution to the conflict and a cease-fire. They also carried out illegal targeted assassinations in the Palestinian territories. Such activity, along with violating the Geneva Conventions, also may have violated the Neutrality Act, and other statutes that prevent US citizens from working with foreign nationals to undermine US policies, and our national interest and security. Abramoff’s charity, and his cohorts seem to have done both. Abramoff’s evil influence likely went beyond our Congress and executive branch, and may have even corrupted some people in our judiciary. A Fox News personality who was agitating against the presently imprisoned Sheikh Ali Al Tamimi, asked a guest on his program, which US court Al Tamimi, a Muslim cleric who was given a life sentence for exercising his right to free speech, would be tried. When his guest said that Tamimi would be tried in Northern Virginia, the Fox news personality laughed, and assured his guest that Tamimi would be found guilty, and given life, and he was.

While the real terrorists were being funded through Abramoff’s charity, in their war against the Palestinians that for some reason went undetected by our State Department, Muslims throughout the world were being accused of funding terrorism through charitable organizations, and our charities were closed down. When the Holy land Foundation was closed, and its funds confiscated, Jewish lawyers here in the US had the audacity to hold a hearing led by Senator Arlen Specter, where they argued that they should be granted the Foundation’s money to cover legal fees associated with a bogus case they had brought against Holy land, and other Muslim organizations, claiming they had funded a suicide bombing in Palestine. Muslims were being hunted like animals, and followed and chased down, rounded up, deported, detained and tortured. Our telephones were tapped; our leaders, activists and clerics were detained, some stripped of their citizenship and deported, and sometimes rendered to hostile Arab nationalist governments where they were tortured. Even when our Senate reported that no links between these Muslim organizations and terrorism had been found, the Senate would not say that they had made a mistake, or even offer an apology to the organizations that had been damaged, and shut down to appease the Zionist pro-Israel lobby, funded by Abramoff. They said nothing to the families that had been impoverished, or the people whose reputations had been obliterated in the Senate’s Muslim witch hunt. Abramoff’s terrorist network used our judiciary, and our Congress and also people within our executive branch, very effectively in their secret war against the Palestinians, and Muslims throughout the world.

In the past, anyone who attempted to bring the country’s attention to the terrible injustices and undermining of our US Constitution being carried out by Jewish and Christian Zionists and their lackeys in our government and judiciary, were called conspiracy theorists, their writings, and ranting relegated to the dustbin of unwelcome history. Today they are vindicated. As far back as 1998, one such writer, Michael Collins Piper wrote that Jerry Farwell and Benjamin Netanyahu had conspired to undermine US foreign policy by attempting to blackmail then President Bill Clinton. During that same period, Hilary Clinton attempted to warn us of a “vast right wing conspiracy” that was out to get her husband. Too bad she didn’t give the details. According to Piper, “Clinton pushed for Israel to relinquish West Bank territory,” and as a result, a Jewish newspaper declared that Clinton had turned his back on Israel. Later, Netanyahu came to Washington to meet with Clinton, but before meeting with Clinton, he met with Falwell, and about 1000 other Christian Zionists. Piper wrote that after that, the Monica Lewinsky story broke, and Clinton was impeached. According to Piper, William Kristol was the first to announce that Clinton would be the subject of a scandal involving an illicit affair, and within a short amount of time following Kristol’s announcement, the mainstream media broke the story. Piper, writing in the article “Falwell confirms Lewinsky affair linked to Israeli lobby intrigue” said that Falwell admits to having assisted Netanyahu and the Israeli lobby in unseating a US President, who was elected by a majority of the American people, through blackmail. What Piper didn’t mention in his article, is that Netanyahu had also asked Clinton to free the Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, and Clinton had refused.

It’s hard to imagine that anything we could hear about Abramoff, our Congress, or the terrorist efforts and organizations they obviously, or possibly support, could surprise us at this point. The shock and shame that our country is experiencing will wear off after the mid-term elections. By then, everyone who is leaving Congress will have left, or been forced out. In other words, we have a way to deal with our government. Our challenge is to find a way to apologize to those who have been hurt by the lies, the conspiracy, the crimes, and the terrorism of those who worked along with Abramoff and the Zionists in our country to hurt people. What do we say to the world that lined up in blind allegiance to this evil, thinking that they were involved in an international war against Muslim terrorism? Do we say sorry? Or do we say, shame on you too!

What can we do about those people, who claim to be US patriots who knowingly sought to use Muslims, and especially Muslim Americans as scapegoats and decoys while they secretly carried out the very crimes, and harbored in their hearts the very obvious hatred for the US, our way of life and our Constitution, that they had so passionately blamed on Muslims? Imagine a political operative appearing before Congress to blame others for hating the US way of life, and our Constitution as he recommends that we violate our Constitution, saying that it is now obsolete since it prevents Zionists from seizing the power they desire, and from destroying our country with their evil plots and lies. Who is it that is attempting to establish an evil totalitarian ideology over the free people of the world? The best that it seems we can do is to stop the progress of this madness.

The Muslim American community will no doubt make some special requests as compensation for our suffering, which might include retrials for all of the Muslim political prisoners who were convicted after 9/11, and in courts where judges and juries were clearly biased against Islam, and Muslims, where secret evidence was used, and in cases where people to forced into plea agreements after being tortured. There will also likely be an effort to interest the Attorney General in an investigation of the Christian Right, and the media’s role in the deaths of Muslims, and destruction of private property carried out against Muslims, and Sikhs and people with Muslim sounding names, following 9/11, seeking to ascertain whether or not they committed, incited, or contributed to hate crimes.

As we read this, the arrogant and unrepentant Zionist in our government are said to be preparing to send hundreds of thousands more of our young soldiers into the Muslim world to fight and die to advance their Zionist ideals and vision of a world dominated and controlled by Jewish and Christian Zionists. Wars against Syria and Iran are also called for as part of the same strategy crafted by Netanyahu, Feith, and Perle, and adopted by our Congress that led us into Iraq. What do we say to the families, Iraqi and American and others who have lost loved ones in a war, that was staged to advance Israel’s, and by extension, Zionism’s domination of the region? Is sorry enough? It shouldn’t be. We must promise them…”Never again,” and reform our government, limit and downsize it, and increase checks and balances, while also creating some protections for our country, and our elected officials from foreign influence. We must initiate an educational campaign that highlights the evils of religious, secular, and political extremism, and terrorism, teaching that regardless of where it originates, and who carries it out, it is illegal, evil and wrong. We must strengthen the barriers that separate religion from government in the United States without infringing upon the rights of religious people to speak and act, and vote according to the tenets of their faiths. Most importantly, we must find a way to distinguish between authentic, and counterfeit interpretations of religion and the exploitation of religion, and then we must make the counterfeiting, and exploitation of religion, and religious sentiments for any purpose a crime. How ironic that so-called Muslim extremist hijacked Islam, at the same time that Christian and Jewish fanatics and extremists hijacked and polluted Christianity and Judaism…and the plot thickens.