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La conférence internationale révisionniste de Trieste

An international Revisionist Conference was held by the cultural association Nuovo Ordine Nazionale , on the 6th and 7th of October 2001 in Trieste Italy. Amongst the participants: Mr Jean-Louis Berger (France), Professor Robert Countess (United States), Mr Russ Granata (United States), Mr Ahmed Rami (Morocco), Mr Vincent Reynouard (France), Dr Fredrick Töben (Australia), Jürgen Graf (Switzerland)...


In Trieste conference,
Ahmed Rami:

There will be no war of civilisations...


According to Ahmed Rami, a Moroccan Army officer residing in Sweden where he directs the activities of ‘Radio Islam’: “There will be no ‘war of civilisations’ of which the Jews currently dream aloud, for there is but ONE human civilisation whose centre has shifted through the ages and to which all peoples have contributed in a constructive manner, whilst the Zionists by domination, exploitation and corruption have always played the destructive role of a virus!”

“The Jews today dominate particularly by means of corruption the entire world, above all the USA: economically, culturally, and media-wise. If the Jews claimed merely Palestine, then a compromise could be reached with sacrifices on either side, but such is not the case: they have transformed the whole world into one big occupied ‘Palestine’ and effectively exercise or demand domination over all the countries of the globe!”

Rami accused the Jewish power of a “large-scale intellectual terrorism which it practises in politics, in the media and in education, with a view towards disseminating and entrenching the myths arising from its propaganda. Instead of an open debate within a context of freedom of historical research, the lie-ridden Jewish version of history nowadays needs the protection of the law and the police, in order forcibly to impose itself!”

“The Jews enjoy without restraint, in our countries, rights of which they want to deprive non-Jews. A Frenchman or a Swiss doesn’t have, today, the same rights in his own land as the Jews.” Rami added: “The Jews believe themselves to be the ‘chosen people’ who have received from their ‘God’ the right to seize the land belonging to the Palestinian people, and the right to exterminate them.”

“The Jews consider according to their ‘religion’ that they alone are human beings, whereas all others are mere ‘Goyim’ (animals). All their religious festivals (such as Purim and Passover) celebrate barbarous massacres perpetrated by the Jews against other peoples. The New Testament is supposed to have annulled the Old Testament but the Zionists today want to judaise Christianity and do away with the New Testament.”

“Islam and Christianity are universal religions founded upon the same principles of love, justice and equality, thus two religions allied against Jewish racism and against Israel whose first victims are the Palestinian Christians. But Israel’s 200 atomic bombs are certainly not trained on Palestine. Those bombs are meant to be used as arms of blackmail against all of humanity and against Europe first and foremost!”

Rami continued: “The Jewish power is essentially based on a ‘legalised’ intellectual swindle and on the gigantic bluff of the ‘Holocaust’, which all of us together can and must debunk. It’s for this reason that the Zionists now fear the freedom of speech and freedom in research which might ‘risk’ distinguishing Jewish propaganda-born legend from veritable history, founded on scientific research.”

As concerns immigration into Europe, Rami had this word for his fellow Muslims: “In the face of the hatred stirred up by the Jewish-controlled media in the West against Islam and Muslims, alone today in resisting Jewish domination I urge the Muslim immigrants in Europe to return to their homelands and to liberate, develop and democratise them. It’s a matter of Islamic and Muslim dignity. Hospitality is not a duty. The Muslim peoples must bring order to their countries by removing the dictatorships from power and then resolving their enormous problems, amongst which that of unemployment, rather than exporting their jobless to the West.”

“Apart from the Jewish problem, it seems that all problems in the world find a solution. The Jewish occupation in Palestine is today and has been for over fifty years the concrete expression of the only colonialist ideology (one of racist apartheid) still in force, offering no prospect of a just solution and, furthermore, gravely threatening peace on a world scale.”

“With the disappearance of European colonialism there is no longer any reason for conflict between the Muslim world and the West or between the Muslim world and Christendom. Now we are, all of us, dominated by the Jewish mafia which brings to bear a ‘chemical’ occupation in the West and a ‘mechanical’ occupation in Palestine. I can even state without exaggeration that the liberation of Palestine must begin with the liberation of the USA and of Europe!”

“In the bullfight now being staged under the auspices of world Zionism, the Jewish media-master and toreador is busy waving the red cloth of the ‘Islamic danger’ before the Western bull! Thus it us that we are led to spot a false enemy.”

The Moroccan Islamist officer then addressed his European audience in these terms: “If the Jews want to create in a land that they’ve stolen a Jewish nationalist state, exclusively for Jews, then the Italians and the Germans and the French must also have the legitimate right to establish, in their countries, an exclusively Christian nationalist state. In this regard, and to respond to Jewish impudence, if I were Italian I would be like you a Christian, nationalist and Fascist, and if you were Moroccan you would certainly be like me Islamists!”

“Quite simply, if the Zionists have established a JEWISH state (in occupied Palestine), what right have they to deny us a Christian state in Europe or an Islamic state in the Muslim world?”

“In my view, today, the only valid criterion to distinguish between friend and foe must be one’s position on the Palestinian question and one’s position in the face of the Jewish problem. If Jesus himself returned to this world, the only question I would have for him would be: ‘Are you for or against the Jewish occupation of Palestine?’”

“Whoever has understood the Jewish problem has understood all. Whoever hasn’t understood it has understood nothing. Adolf Hitler understood this problem perfectly. For us Muslims, the Second World War was not a conflict between good and evil, but a war against Jewish occupation, the German people’s Intifada. A war between Hitler and the racists who were colonising us, or aspiring to colonise us. If there is an absolute evil in the world it is indeed the Jewish racist colonial project. In any event, good was not represented at that time by the Jewish colonialist occupying forces or the Jewish colonialist ideology that Hitler fought! The enemies of the Jews are not necessarily our enemies. On the contrary…”

He concluded: “Allow me to repeat and to emphasise: their great and sinister power is built upon a lie, that of the ‘Holocaust’, which together we can easily destroy, just as one bursts a big balloon with a tiny pin.”


"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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