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Dio Cassius

Introduction by Radio Islam:

Below is a text by the Judaism researcher and author, Christopher Jon Bjerknes.

The text and its references are especially interesting as we presently see a drive among so called "Nationalist" "Right-Wing" circles in the West - i.e. Europe and the U.S. - talking of some kind of common "Judeo-Christians values", and that "Israel's fight [vs. the Muslims] - is our fight".

A new disturbing tendency that by some has been dubbed not National Socialism, but National Zionism!

As we have shown in the important text "Jewish-Zionist Control of European Right Wing Nationalist Political Parties" many of these Right-Wing movements have fallen under control of Jewish moles, under whose auspices they have been remolded and directed to suit the strategic needs of Israel and World Jewry.

Thus it is very interesting to see the way the Jews of Antiquity were described by the Romans, the very forefathers of the European powers of today.

It should be noted that some of the more horrendous and super-graphic of accusations against the Jews in the historical quotes below may very well be what is called greuel- or atrocity-propaganda.

Still it should be remembered that the Jewish authors of the Jewish Encyclopedia don't outright denounce - as they usually otherwise do - these claims against the Jews of Antiquity as complete fabrications, but just say that they are "probably exaggerated":

For an account of the Jewish war under Trajan and Hadrian Dion is the most important source (lxviii. 32, lxix. 12-14), though his descriptions of the cruelties perpetrated by the Jews at Cyrene and on the island of Cyprus are probably exaggerated.

And on the massacres in Cyrene where "about 200,000 Romans and Greeks had been killed", the Jewish Encyclopedia concedes that "Libya was depopulated to such an extent that a few years later new colonies had to be established there".

(For the Jewish Encyclopedia quotes, please see article scans and the texts in the provided links in the "Addendum" below.)


The Jewish Genocide and Cannibalism of the Ancient Greeks
By Christopher Jon Bjerknes,
February 16, 2014
The Jews have fabricated many lies of what occurred in Europe under National Socialist Germany. These lies are perhaps projections of the very real crimes the Jews committed against the ancient Greeks and Romans. For example, during the Kitos War the Jews genocided entire regions of Romans and Greeks leaving none left alive. The Jews ate Gentile flesh. Two of these holocausts are mentioned in Dio's Rome, Volume 5, Book 68, Paragraph 32:
"Meanwhile the Jews in the region of Cyrene had put one Andreas at their head and were destroying both the Romans and the Greeks. They would cook their flesh, make belts for themselves of their entrails, anoint themselves with their blood, and wear their skins for clothing. Many they sawed in two, from the head downwards. Others they would give to wild beasts and force still others to fight as gladiators. In all, consequently, two hundred and twenty thousand perished. In Egypt, also, they performed many similar deeds, and in Cyprus under the leadership of Artemio. There, likewise, two hundred and forty thousand perished. For this reason no Jew may set foot in that land, but even if one of them is driven upon the island by force of the wind, he is put to death. Various persons took part in subduing these Jews, one being Lusius, who was sent by Trajan."
Prior to the Jewish genocide of the Cyrenians, Cyrene was ruled by Apion who exposed the crimes of the Jews. The Jewish apologist, liar and fabricator of many Jewish fictions, Josephus, responded to the accusations of Apion, who warned the Greeks and Egyptians about the genocidal intentions of the Jews to no avail. Had the Greeks and Romans heeded the warnings and dealt with the genocidal Jew, the genocides of the Kitos War would have been prevented. Josephus wrote, enunciating an account relayed by Apion,
"He adds another Grecian fable, in order to reproach us. In reply to which, it would be enough to say, that they who presume to speak about Divine worship ought not to be ignorant of this plain truth, that it is a degree of less impurity to pass through temples, than to forge wicked calumnies of its priests. Now such men as he are more zealous to justify a sacrilegious king, than to write what is just and what is true about us, and about our temple; for when they are desirous of gratifying Antiochus, and of concealing that perfidiousness and sacrilege which he was guilty of, with regard to our nation, when he wanted money, they endeavor to disgrace us, and tell lies even relating to futurities. Apion becomes other men's prophet upon this occasion, and says that 'Antiochus found in our temple a bed, and a man lying upon it, with a small table before him, full of dainties, from the [fishes of the] sea, and the fowls of the dry land; that this man was amazed at these dainties thus set before him; that he immediately adored the king, upon his coming in, as hoping that he would afford him all possible assistance; that he fell down upon his knees, and stretched out to him his right hand, and begged to be released; and that when the king bid him sit down, and tell him who he was, and why he dwelt there, and what was the meaning of those various sorts of food that were set before him the man made a lamentable complaint, and with sighs, and tears in his eyes, gave him this account of the distress he was in; and said that he was a Greek and that as he went over this province, in order to get his living, he was seized upon by foreigners, on a sudden, and brought to this temple, and shut up therein, and was seen by nobody, but was fattened by these curious provisions thus set before him; and that truly at the first such unexpected advantages seemed to him matter of great joy; that after a while, they brought a suspicion him, and at length astonishment, what their meaning should be; that at last he inquired of the servants that came to him and was by them informed that it was in order to the fulfilling a law of the Jews, which they must not tell him, that he was thus fed; and that they did the same at a set time every year: that they used to catch a Greek foreigner, and fat him thus up every year, and then lead him to a certain wood, and kill him, and sacrifice with their accustomed solemnities, and taste of his entrails, and take an oath upon this sacrificing a Greek, that they would ever be at enmity with the Greeks; and that then they threw the remaining parts of the miserable wretch into a certain pit.' Apion adds further, that 'the man said there were but a few days to come ere he was to be slain, and implored of Antiochus that, out of the reverence he bore to the Grecian gods, he would disappoint the snares the Jews laid for his blood, and would deliver him from the miseries with which he was encompassed.' "
Prior to these genocidal and cannibalistic Jewish atrocities against the Greeks and Romans, the Maccabee's genocided Greeks to punish them for welcoming the Jews into Hellenistic culture, and so from the Jews perspective genociding the Jews with friendly assimilation into superior Gentile culture. The book I Maccabee opens with chapter 1 denouncing Antiochus for allowing Greek religion in the Jewish temple and for tolerating Jewish assimilation into Greek culture, see especially verses 20-24 and 54-64 of I Maccabees.

For their crime of accepting Jews into Greek culture, the Greeks were made to pay with the lives of all their males, and the slavery of all their women to the Jews, who also stole all their property and burned their cities. This is told in I Maccabees chapter 5.

The Jews then sought to pit Whites against Whites and brought the Romans against the Greeks, according to I Maccabees chapter 8.

These horrors were only the beginning of the more than two thousand year history of the Jews' attempts to exterminate the Greeks, which genocidal war continues to this day. I propose writing a book and producing a documentary exposing the Jewish genocide of the Greeks. Anyone interested in sponsoring and/or participating in the project, please contact me at:

My book The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians has been immensely influential in exposing the Jews' war of extermination on humanity. I would like to publish an encyclopedia of Jewish genocides with a volume devoted to the Jewish genocide of the Greeks.


Original sources scans from the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia.

Entry on "Dion Cassius":



Entry on "Cyrene":


More on Rome and the Jews:


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